Antique Wood Trunk

Sub-style > American (1/12)

  • Antique Everwear Wardrobe Steamer Trunk Chest Luggage, Leather Bound Tweed Cover
  • Old Vintage Barrel Top Trunk With Tray. Original
  • Lane Mcm Record Cabinet Storage Chest Bench Trunk Danish Vintage Mid Century
  • 1870s Large Rounded Antique Trunk, With Hand Tooled Leather
  • Artisan Bench Made Chris Lehrecke Tree Trunk Occasional Table
  • Mid Century Modern Long Cedar Chest Trunk Window Bench By Lane 8858
  • 1880s Large Antique Travel Trunk, With Hand Tooled Leather
  • Lane Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet Storage Chest Bench Trunk Vintage Danish
  • Antique 1800-1820's American Domed Blanket Chest Trunk Greenfield Massachusetts
  • Vintage American Handmade Trunk Chest Wood & Metal Antique Storage Box Crate
  • Antique 1800s Steamer Trunk Vintage Humpback Stagecoach Chest Withtray
  • Large Vintage Knotty Pine Wood Blanket Chest Trunk Storage
  • Mid Century Modern Sculptural Burl Wood Driftwood Tree Trunk Coffee Table 1960s
  • Antique Steamer Trunk Flat Top With Bent Oak Wood Make A Great Coffee Table
  • Open To Offers Antique 1800s Carpenters Wood Tool Chest Trunk Lots Of Brass
  • Antique 1848 German Painted Marriage Blanket Hope Chest Trunk
  • Antique Mule Chest Blanket Chest Drawer Trunk 18th C Rustic Primitive
  • Beautiful Antique Immigrant 1847 Dome Trunk